LGBTQI  culture and the evolution of gender sexual equality has been thrust to the forefront of today’s global media.  We are nearing a tipping point of global acceptance that’s evident in the wide spread legalization of same sex marriage.  While LGBT offers an alternative identity outside of the heterosexual-defined mainstream, for many it also creates another set of limiting gender sexual boundaries.  The term queer has been embraced by a new generation who believes we are all unique individuals with our own gender fluid sexual identity.  As a global queer community, we are empowering each other and the next generation to embrace our unique identity; to come out, be heard, and demand acceptance.


The Queerography Project transcends borders, giving a voice to the unique and vibrant faces of queer culture around the world through collaborative, empowered, and interactive photography.  For the first edition of Queerography, I traveled for 6 months through the queer communities of Tokyo, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.  In navigating the cultural differences in Asia, I developed a collaborative process that begins with an intimate conversation about one’s sexuality, identity, and desires.  We exchange personal stories, creating an emotional connection and a safe space for true self expression.   This empowers us to create an image together that captures the true essence of their queer identity.


It’s my hope that the sincerity of these images allows the viewer to connect and interact with the subject regardless of sexual gender identity, further expanding the freedom for all of us to explore and embrace our own unique identity.  We are all unique in our own way.  We are all queer!






“Sway’s lens provides just the right amount of elbow grease to scratch past the businessman bustle of these big cities. What’s revealed is the colorfully intimate world that transcends rigid expectations through sexual expression.”  - Syd Blakovich, porn producer Pink & White Productions


You’ll feel like you desperately need to know all of these people, and thanks to Sway’s intimate eye, you’ll feel like you already do.”

- Courtney Trouble: performer / director / artist Trouble Films


I love how Sway’s portraiture highlights the joy, humor, power and sexiness that goes hand and hand with the conscious act of performing gender.  I also appreciate how the accompanying quotes reveal the unique voices and lived experiences of the photographed subjects and encourages us, the viewers, to linger over and consider each image for just a bit longer.  Well done!  – Molly Landreth: Photographer “Queer life in America”


“Beautiful and political. Every page of this book is an encounter with someone who you soon realise is a part of yourself.”   – Joel Bedos IDAHO Committee International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia