Show Tonight In San Francisco

TONIGHT!! Come see Sway and her art installation and book, QUEEROGRAPHY! Drag queens! Drag king! DJ! AMFB! BETTIS! ….. SWAY!!!! 7-9pm at The LGBT CENTER!




Show in Las Vegas

Queerography2014tour_LVCENTERQueerography: Intimate Expressions of Queer Culture Tokyo, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Photography by Sway.

From the alluring fetish culture and kinky love hotels of Tokyo to the glittery drag clubs and pride parades of Hong Kong, Queerography takes us on a journey deep inside the exciting world of Queer Asia.



Artist Talk: Behind the scenes with the artist, Q&A.
Friday, March 7thth, 6-7pm
The Center, 401 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Gallery Reception: Experience the journey – book signing, art exhibition & special performances…
Friday, March 7thth, 6-9pm
The Center, 401 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89101


About the Photographer:

Sway is a queer femme photographer creating interactive and collaborative images exploring sexuality, gender, and desire across cultural and world boundaries. Her unique genre of queer photography includes LGBT, drag, fetish, performance, sexwork, genderqueer, and everyone else who feels limited by society’s binary norms.

Crazy Love for Tucson!

Queerography Tour launched in Tucson. Feb 26th teaming up with the Univeristy of Arizona LGBTQAffairs and NAPA who hosted my artist talk where the were had a full house.   I was honored to work with  Jenifer, Juan, and Dan.  Thank you for making my experience with LGBTQAffairs and NAPA flawless.

The following weekend  March 1 there was an artist reception at Fluxx Studio & Gallery.

Images from the Artist Reception!

Queerography Tour


Here at casa de la Queerography head quarters, I’m in the processes of finishing up my art crate.  It has been taken apart, then put back together 3 times to ensure a suitable fit for the back of the Subaru.    I still need to finish the lid, but this puppy will carry 18-30×40 framed prints.   I’m one step closer to moving my art work from one city to the next….on wheels baby….I be rollin’!!!  I’m pretty stoked about that.



As you might have guessed, the west coast tour of Queerography begins with a series of events in Tucson. February 26th – March 2nd.  I’ll be driving to Tucson from Boulder, Co.

art crate

What to expect in Tucson!


Artist Talk: Behind the scenes with the artist, Q&A.
Wednesday, February 26th, 12-1pm
University of Arizona, Student Union Memorial Center, LGBTQ Affairs Center, 4th floor


Gallery Reception: Experience the journey – book signing, art exhibition & special silk performance by Anna Mellman.
Saturday, March 1st, 6-9pm
Fluxx Studio 414 E. 9th st, Tucson, AZ


Gallery Hours:Meet Sway and spend time with the art as it travels to its next destination on its global tour.
Sunday, March 2nd, 11-4pm
Fluxx Studio 414 E. 9th st, Tucson, AZ


After Tucson, the tour continues up the west coast to:


  Las Vegas,

San Diego,


San Francisco,





I just talked to the LGBT Center in Las Vegas, the weekend of March 8th Queerography will be there sharing the love. I’m jumping up and down, yes, can’t wait.  More details coming soon.

March 26-April San Francisco.  We are working on finalizing the details.

The next edition of Queerography will be collaborative images around the idea empowerment of sexuality.

If I’m not going to be in your area, you can get a book directly from

Or Click Here on Amazon









Love This Beautiful Woman!

When I was back in Tucson, I had the opportunity to photograph this sweet, sensual, honest, and unforgettable woman!  Thanks Jay for the love!










Then after this shoot, we went all the way and took these.  If I haven’t told you what a rock star she is!  She is!!!!


Love it

Love you!