So much has happened in these past few weeks since the arrival of my first photography book, Queerography.   Boy do I feel blessed!

First, Queerography showed up at my house on a huge truck, delivered by this guy.



Next, I was off to the DC area for Thanksgiving.  Like all TG days, it was filled with yummy, soul nurturing food.  But this year, I also got to share something deeply personal to me.  Something tangible that could be held in their hands, my first book of photography, a project I’d been working on for the past year.  You know how lucky I am, they all loved it!  They picked it up, looked through it and connected with the images in their own way and it was beautiful!

Before heading to the east coast for TG, I was busy at my computer emailing bookstores and LGBTQ Centers in the area.  Once we arrived to Bethesda, MD I followed up my email with  a call to Politics & Prose and spoke to Mark, a buyer who scheduled a time for me to come in and share my book with him….. Ok, this is the part that’s like the icing on the cake…..

I showed up with my book in hand, leaving self doubt at the door.  I poured my soul into this project and had nothing to lose!   Not sure what to expect, but ready for anything.   I spoke with Mark, the coolest person ever….professional and sincere…many thanks Mark for being so awesome!  He said great things and yes, they will take 3 copies on consignment!   Woohoo,  I was so so thankful…on cloud 9 doing cart wheels…he said yes!!!!


At the same time, I was in contact with Joey D at the Washington Blade, which is an awesome LGBTQ news publication out there!  It’s a must read.  I sent him a copy of my book and he’s willing to help spread the word about anything queer!  Woot woot!  The last thing on the list is to find a place to do a show in the area for my Book Tour!

After returning from TG, I sailed off to meet my niece who is  3 weeks old in Tucson, AZ and it just so happened that the twice a year 4th ave street fair was happening when I was going to be in town.  How convenient!  So Queerography teamed up with Fluxx Studio & Gallery to make some noise, calling for awareness at the street fair.  First, we sat in front of Fluxx on 9th st and 4th ave.


Sharing the book, ideas, feelings and thoughts with all who passed by.



Then, when we weren’t sitting at our table, I was walking the crowded streets of the street fair with a megaphone on loan from Rachel, pushing a sandwich sign from Fluxx on my borrowed dolly, drawing attention and awareness to Queerography and the people I photographed in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.  It was such a magical experience to be heard and have people love what they saw.  Seeing their reactions to the images, asking questions, and being excited brought joy to my soul!



Queerography is now here!  I’m basking in the after glow of the unforgettable love I got from my home town of Tucson AZ.   Working on scheduling my tour now.


Santa finds his inner queerness!

Love ya all!

XOXO, Sway